#07836 SOLD

Ferrari Dino 07836 sold, Dino Restoration, Jon Gunderson

My Dino sold wednesday. The new owner is from Seattle and also has a vacation home in Santa Barbara where he plans to keep it, so I had to give up my license plate 74 DINO. He flew down last wednesday and he had an independent Ferrari shop owner to a PPI and then both test drove it. Everything checked out. I had one door lite out, the rubber on one bumper had shrunk 1/4″, a nut was missing on the engine cover. Compression was good as well as the leakdown test. The car will be with me till after the first of the year and then will be driven to Santa Barbara. Sort of sad to see it go but I still have my 206 (currently in restoration process), my 72 GTS another project to do and my recently acquired 72 GT. The sadness dissipated fairly quickly as a replacement arrived the next day! I had asked $395,000 for the car and it sold for less than 4% difference. I think it was a fair price and me and the buyer we’re happy.

  • Scott

    Gorgeous color, tasteful interior – somebody will enjoy a very nice Dino!
    Forza Jon