A Visit by David’s 206 GT

Ferrari Dino 206 GT Wheels, Dino restoration, Jon Gunderson

A visit today for wheel upgrading, plating the hubs and hardware. The column switch also needs some looking after and I’m awaiting for David to bring down a 206 exhaust that was made to original specs. Should be here for a week or so. What a great color on a 206!!

  • ODD Parts jim

    Dear Jon Gunderson,
    Thanks! I was searching Google Images, and found this photo of my work. FREE advertising on Google Images. Not bad! While looking at many other related parts, I found that the Google Engine has many photos of all our parts. Amazing, I wonder if Wall Street is aware of the power of image-in-ation?
    I am shipping your latest finished two switches out tomorrow. I will send more photos today.