All in the Details!

Ferrari Dino 246 door cards, Wiper motor and assembly, Dash cable pulls, dino restoration, omgjon, Jon Gunderson

More work on my Houston Dino. I made new door cards, I like using 3/32″ birch. It doesn’t warp nor do the clips pull out. I get all the clips in and test it before it gets covered so everything lines up on first try. I also have a jig to make sure my window cables are EXACTLY the right length. Nothing worse than have to take apart once together and installed and the cable doesn’t quite fit. Been there done that!!.The wiper arms where the arms attach were frozen and it took some persuasion to get them loose. I sent the motor out for overhaul. The heater, defrost and choke levers were chromed, plated, new labels etc. While I’ve been doing this getting down to the last items I’m on the internet every night looking for various missing motor parts. I’m slowly getting there. I keep Brad busy so my 206 and this 246 GTS keep getting shoved to the end of the line. Shawn’s Dino is next then I have a 74 Silver/Black GTS coming in a week or so (third from last Dino built) that will follow shawms then I’m hoping my 206. It’s all these details that really make a difference!