And it’s done!


After several years of work #O4946 is done! It is a 73GT, 1 0f 5 coupes imported to the USA with flares and shares. I know, some of you will have to look away. The car was originally yellow with black interior. It was later painted red, then black and now Azzurro Metallizzato. Steve K. did a fabulous paint job and came out of retirement to paint this car. Since this one he’s done a half dozen and more lined up. As you can see (for you purists) I took a few liberties. I changed the black on the bottom so it doesn’t hide the beautifully sculpted air intakes at the front. I also just have individual air cleaners rather than the stock one which hides the engine. I used Henks dash material and vinyl. I had Cavallo Motorsports do all the adjusting etc so it runs and drives perfect. It has about 400 miles now on it to work out all the kinks and fully sort things.