Jamie’s 246 GTS 06450

Yellow Chairs and Flares Ferrari Dino, Dino Restoration.com, Jon Gunderson

We brought the Dino back from Brad Diez at Speedzone to begin the 2 month process of getting this Flares and Chairs Dino put back together and on the road. The paint job is stunning with a mirror like finish. 100 hours went into the cutting and polishing!! Definitely a job fit for this rare Dino!

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Yellow Ferrari Dino GTS Flares and Chairs, Dino Restoration

Some more color sanding and buffing, then the black trim and it comes back for reassembly. The paint really looks awesome, one of the best paint jobs I’ve seen. Brad at Speedzone really came through on this rare Chairs and Flares Dino!

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Painting Clearcoat on Ferrari Dino 246, Dino Restoration, Jon Gunderson
First coat of clear went on, what a difference the clear coat makes! It gets sanded again before the final clear coat. It’s looking awesome, Brad at Speedzone doing a masterpiece!
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Base coat on Ferrari Dino 246, Dino Restoration, Jon Gunderson

Today Brad sprayed 2 coats of the base color over the urethane primer. It’s starting to come alive!

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Yellow Urethane primer on Chairs and Flares Dino, Dino Restoration, Jon Gunderson

Second coat of House of Kolor Urethane Primer.

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Yellow 246 gts, Dino Restoration, Jon Gunderson

With the color approved the painting has started in ernest!

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Ferrari Dino 246 GTS painted by Speedzone, Dino Restoration, Jon Gunderson

The best custom products available. Notice the yellow sealer primer that is
close to the actual base-coat color. The UFC-35 Urethane clearcoat has 3 times
the U.V protection of regular production clears and has the best gloss and DOI
(distinction of image). Brad sprayed out a few pieces to see how things looked. Can’t wait to get the color on the body! This Dino is going to look awesome.

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