Jon’s 206 GT 00136

ferrari dino 206 restoration

Now that I’ve completed restorations of a 74 GTS and a 73 GT I thought I would try a 206 next.  I bought this car as I thought it a great candidate.  It only had a few owners and was very original including most of the paint, all the carpet and seats were original and had most of the very difficult parts to find. Luckily it had the original gas cap, which are impossible to find as well as the shift knob, ashtray, original wood steering wheel and other impossible parts to find.  This car is a 1968 #0136 so only the 18th 206 made out of a total of 152.  These are highly desirable due to limited number produced, They are all aluminum with a 2.0  liter engine. This car left Ferrari in Rosso Chiarro with black vinyl interior and red cloth inserts with gray carpeting.  Just as it sits today.

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