Jon’s 246 GT 04946


I’m finally back to work on the Dino. My ribs and lung are better and even back on the bike today. A few of these items I did before I left but never posted any pictures. My wiring harness now is SUPPOSEDLY coming in September, no work in Italy the month of August. I have to sort of work around that and doing as much as I can until it arrives. I may have gone overboard with the Dynamat but I figure if it’s good enough for Jim S. it’s good enough for me. The car is now off the rotisserie and on the lift. The hydraulics are done for the most part and the next project is the spare tire tub.

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Seeing how I was working through a brake issue with the first Dino which I solved today, I decided to keep on the same tract and took apart and cleaned the hydraulic parts for this project.
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More lights

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I’ve basically just been piddling around the last couple of weeks with small projects. Of course I guess when you get down to it there are about 10,000 10 minute jobs. I love this part, putting clean parts back on the car. Still awaiting the wire harness but there still is a lot to do before I’m stuck. I’m thinking about using dynamat on the floor and back panel. With the 1″ rubber insulation sandwiched between the floor and that will be sandwiched in the firewall, I’m not sure if it would really add anything. After I finish the light I think the next job is the hydraulics. It’s all great fun!
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I took the car off the rotisserie. Now that the bottom is on, it’s easier for me now on a lift. I still have to work around not having the wiring harness but there is still lots I can do.

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I worked on the bottom of the car putting insulation material around the tube where the radiator hoses go, then put 1″ closed cell foam as an insulating material between the fiberglass tub and aluminum bottom pan. The new bottom was riveted on and at this point I could take the car off the rotisserie. I’ll will be still working around what I can do without the new wiring harness which hasn’t arrived yet.

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Still hanging a few parts until my wiring harness arrive. Should of just had Jim S. make me one. I put in all the cables for the emergency brake, the throttle control and am now ready to start closing the bottom. I got a new airflow device to sync the carbs and now that the water leak has been solved I’ve ran the motor for 6 or more heat cycles. I’ve had a few oil spots on the ground the following day so I traced all those down. One was in the head where the small aluminum plugs are. I took it out and coated the thread with hi temp sealer. The few others around the oil filter just needed a little more torque. Definitely fun starting it up every day.
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I haven’t had much time to work on the coupe lately but I’ve made time to get the GTS ready for Bella Italia. There were a few minor things that needed fixed.
1. Small leak in the right rear caliper where the O rings are.
2. Extend the spare tire hold down for Campagnolo wheels
3 Seal the cabin better with some new aluminum pieces near the steering linkage
4. Adjusted the doors for a better fit
5. Water temp gauge quit working (bad ground)
6. Install a heater valve in the engine compartment
7. Fix a chip in the paint on the front left fender.
I did hang a few parts on the coupe. I decided to get a new wiring harness so there is only so much I can do until that arrives. I put in the emergency brake, gear shift and I’m experimenting with some expandable foam in a few places to better seal the cabin. Floor pan next week and at that point it can go off the rotisserie at any time. Jeff is busy designing Tee shirts hopefully ready for Bella Italia.

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