Shawn’s 246 GTS 07010

Dino Euro model. omgjon, dino restoration, Jon Gunderson

A new project showed up today from Houston, Texas. The owner is one of our more prominent members on Fchat! It’s been sitting in a barn on a farm in texas, and some kind of Texas critter is missing his home!! You never know what you’ll find when you open the lids. This car is a Euro Spyder with USA lights added and appears to be very solid, of course until media blasted it is all unknown. The Dino is going Blue Dino Metallizzato with tan interior, daytona seats and rust carpeting. All the carpet and mousehair will be sourced from HVL, everything will be restored and the car totally stripped for a bare metal restoration. I’m going to let the owner chime in on the title of the thread and give the history of the car. A good story and I’m happy Shawn has trusted me to do this.

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