Dino GTS #08318

Ferrari Dino 246GTS #08318 yell flares and chairs jon Gunderson

This car was sort of a sad tale.  I bought it in Chicago at Continental Motors, the Ferrari dealership there.  I took my son who was then about 13 to go see it and later buy it.  It was really cool as I had never been to Chicago and the dealer was just unloading off the truck straight from the factory a red F40!  The sad tale began when a number of years later I consigned it to a shop on Santa Monica Blvd. Without my knowledge they sold the car with no title, kept the money and closed up in the middle of the night and fled the country.  After years of litigation I recovered money from the LA bank that was involved in the sale with the dealer and one of the owners in England. A bad memory for sure!!!