Fitting and altering

Moving along with progress on the 206. Mostly fitting an altering right now. As reported I’m using a Fiat Dino 2.0 Engine. We changed it to dry sump, crank trigger ignition and other changes. There was a lot of work to mate it up with transmission. We moved the engine 2″ to the rear so we could fit the engine. Custom oil pan had to be made and a custom spacer to mate engine with transmission. We made custom headers and a muffler so it can be driven on the street. The wheels were custom made and picked up from powder coating today. I got a new larger radiator to account for it being driven on the street. The fuel tanks were restored with new bladders and new stainless steel straps. New windshield will be done next week and new custom Veglia gauges are on there way. I need a set of rear 206 calipers which I haven’t found yet and I’m doing inboard brakes as original. Next engine get cosmetic restoration, transmission rebuilt with appropriate gears for street driving and the framed media blasted and powder coated. A very fun project so far!