Lots of news

Today was the first trial fitting of the motor. The motor is from a Fiat Dino Spyder 2 Litre. The fit wasn’t bad, It did line up with existing mounting points but there will definitely be modifications done to the engine. Everything looks doable except for the fact that the distributor sticks out the front about 3 inches. I don’t know yet how this will be resolved. I’m also going to need to source a Fiat Dino transmission case to make the adaptor for the gearbox. I’m having wheels made to look like originals but in 15 inch for a better selection of tires seeing this is going to for the street. I’m also replacing the Wildwood brakes with Dino 206 Calipers and am going to inboard rear brakes like the originals. I have gauges coming in about 8 weeks ordered from Veglia to match originals. The windscreen had a crack so a mold was made and a new one is being made. All the suspension is done with the shocks rebuilt, hubs rebuilt etc etc.
The body was hand stripped and lightly blasted..