Miura #3150 P400

This beautiful Miura came to me June 15 2016. I remember the day well!!! I was waiting for the transport and I got a call that he was running 2 hours late. Perfect I thought, I can get my bicycle ride in. I was about 2 miles from finishing my ride at my shop when I got taken out with a hit and run driver. While laying on the side of the road I could hear my cell phone ringing from the middle of the road. Some people had stopped to help me and one retrieved my phone and answered it. It was the transport driver waiting at my shop to deliver the Miura!!!. A few calls to friends from the hospital and the Miura got tucked in my shop safe and well, more than I could say about me!!. So I will always remember the day it arrived.
A week later I was back at work working one handed along with my helper as we took it apart. The thing I remember most was pulling the door panels off and seeing remnants of the original color. Can’t get any better than a Verde Miura original color. There was quite a bit of rust and lots of metal work was required to get it back into shape. After media blast and metal work it was sent to Brad Diez at Speedzone paint who did a great job on it. Once again it’s tucked safely back in my shop to start with reassembly of all the parts we worked on while getting painted. This car had it original basketweave on the seats with is no longer available anywhere. Luckily we were able to save the material when we re-did the seats. Here is a few pictures of progress.