• Welcome to Dino Restoration

    Welcome to Dino Restoration

Dino 246 gas tanks, Dino restoration, Jon Gunderson

Stripped and powder coated. They originally were not powder coated but I liked the look better.

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Dino 246 brake booster, Dino restoration, Jon Gunderson

Making new brake lines, refurbish booster and hydraulic system.

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Dino 246 Freeze plugs, Dino Restoration
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Dino 246 powder coating, Dino restoration, Jon Gunderson

More parts sent out for powder coating.

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Dino 246 suspension, Dino Restoration, Jon Gunderson

Suspension refurbished

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Dino 246 Brake calipers, Dino restoration, Jon Gunderson

Refurbishing front and rear brake calipers.


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