• Welcome to Dino Restoration

    Welcome to Dino Restoration

Dino 246 suspension, Dino Restoration, Jon Gunderson

Suspension refurbished

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Dino 246 Brake calipers, Dino restoration, Jon Gunderson

Refurbishing front and rear brake calipers.


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Dino 246 emergency brake, Dino Restoration, Jon Gunderson

Refurbished emergency brake.

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Media blasting 246 Dino, Dino restoration, Jon Gunderson

I had the entire body media blasted at Hot Rods and Custom Stuff in Escondido, Ca.  Just around the corner from me.  They will most likely do the paint.

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dino 246 exhaust headers, Dino restoration Jon Gunderson

Refurbished headers with Euro look.  Ceramic coated.

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Dino 246 Euro indicator lights, dino restoration

I decided to change the indicator lights to Euro as they look so much better.  Big job but worth the effort


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Dino 246 bushings, dino restoration

Removing old bushings and new ordered.

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