• Welcome to Dino Restoration

    Welcome to Dino Restoration

Dino 246 engine rebuild, Dino Restoration

The engine is

disassembled for a total rebuild.

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Dino 246 wiring harness, Jon Gunderson

I ordered a new wiring harness from the original manufacturer  in Italy.  Beautiful work with ever wire marked.  Not cheap!

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Dino front suspension

Front suspension removed.

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Dino restoration 07836 Jon Gunderson

Most are questioning my sanity at this point and the betting line is that I will give up soon.  Overwhelmed at what I’ve done and what lies ahead.

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restoration dino 07836

The work continues taking the car apart.

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Reassembly of a Dino 246 GTS, Dino restoration, Jon Gunderson

The car is starting to come together as more parts are installed on the body.

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dino restoration 07836 Jon Gunderson

Stripping the parts off continues.  Lots of photos being taken so someday we can get this back together.

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Dino restoration 7836

This was my first attempt at any restoration.  I picked a Dino as they are my favorite car.  My son and I began taking it apart not knowing where this journey would lead us. Follow us on our journey. This project took 2 years with much learning as we went. 07836 was originally red with black interior and a very solid car. Here we go!

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