• Welcome to Dino Restoration

    Welcome to Dino Restoration

Dino 246 on rotisserie, Jon Gunderson, Dino restoration

With the majority of the parts now off, today it went on the rotisserie.

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Dino 246 steering stalk, Jon Gunderson

Getting down to the last parts to strip off.

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Dino 246 heat shields, Jon Gunderson

Heat shields between engine and cabin.

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Dino 246 engine removal, Jon Gunderson

Engine removal today.

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Dino 246 door parts. Jon Gunderson

All the parts removed from the door.

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Ferrari Dino rear suspension Jon Gunderson

All the rear suspension has been removed including brakes and axle shafts.

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Dino 246 engine rebuild, Dino Restoration

The engine is

disassembled for a total rebuild.

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Dino 246 wiring harness, Jon Gunderson

I ordered a new wiring harness from the original manufacturer  in Italy.  Beautiful work with ever wire marked.  Not cheap!

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