The Third From The Last Dino Built!

The third from last Dino 08514, omgjon, Jon Gunderson, Dino Restoration

Two Dino’s arrived today for a complete makeover! 08510 is the LAST flares and chairs Dino made, originally Red and staying that way with black interior. 08514 is the third to last Dino made and was only 2 car in front of the chairs and flares car at the very end of the production run. Both super nice cars with everything in place including ALL the original smog equipment. Both cars with very low miles and the Silver Spyder still with it’s original paint and factory installed headlight covers. Both are USA cars and no changes are anticipated from how they were delivered. I’ve already removed lids and fiberglass getting ready for engine removal this week. These are nicest cars I’ve had to start with as there is no visible damage or corrosion. It’s off to the races!!