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Dino electric window motors

Refurbishing the window motors. The grease in these is 40 years old and time to be replaced.

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Ferrari dino coilover shocks, Jon Gunderson

I prefer custom made coilover shocks on the Dino rather than the original Koni shocks.  The coilovers allow for simple adjustment to the handling characteristics as well as being able to adjust the ride height. These are custom made by Nicks Forza Ferrari.  The only modification that needs to be made is a slight trimming on the front mounting bracket.Ferrari dino coilover shocks, Jon Gunderson

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North Hollywood Speedometer, Ferrari Dino gauges, Jon Gunderson

For years I have sent my Dino gauges to North Hollywood Speedometer for cleaning and repair. Today instead of sending I hand delivered them to get a look at a legendary shop that has been in the same place sine 1963.  The shop was amazing and crammed full of gauges waiting for repair and restoration. Restores from around the world send their gauges here.

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Ferrari 246 dino rake caliper rebuild, Jon Gunderson, Dino restoration

I send the calipers out to be replated (cad yellow) as per factory and replace all the hardware..  Rebuild kits include all new rubber seals, o rings etc,  The fronts are pretty straight forward.  The rears are a PITA as the emergency brake is internal in the rear calipers as you can see by the abundance of parts.


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Ferrari Dino trim screws, Dino restoration, Jon Gunderson

It is very important to use the appropriate trim screws and washers for the interior restoration. This is what $750 worth of the correct items looks like! They’re not cheap, but neither is a Dino.

but neither is a Dino.Ferrari Dino trim screws, Dino restoration, Jon Gunderson

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dino 246 on rotisserie Jon Gunderson

A rotisserie is the only way to go in a restoration.  You can spin the car 360 degrees and reach places that could easily be neglected.  It’s great for the paint and body to always have your work at eye level.

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