Jon’s 206 SP

One of my absolute favorite Dino body styles was the 206 SP!. I even went as far togo to a small town in Italy a few years ago as I considered getting a body made. The real deals are way out of my price range so not an option. A few days ago I got a call from Tom Shaunessey saying he had just what I needed on his trailer back east somewhere. He sent me one picture of it on the trailer and 10 minutes later we had a deal. It was delivered to my shop yesterday. This particular reproduction was made by Norwood in the eighties for Joe Marchetti and later sold to Thomas (Doc) Murphy in Chicago who occasionally raced it. It is pretty complete with gearbox etc but no motor. I was thinking a Fiat Dino motor might work well. Any suggestions will be very helpful. I’m hoping someday to drive it on the street. The first order of business is too remove the roll bar as it spoils the lines of the car.

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