New, new, new

I moved about a mile away to a much bigger shop. Ralph from Autos International who I’ve know for years and does all my Dino interiors invited me to share his building. At the time I was looking for something bigger so it worked out perfectly. It took 2 months though to get in the shape I wanted. Autos International is renowned for heir Porsche interiors. I hired an old school metal guy sometime ago and we really need more room. So my new spot has an upstairs for parts and a large separate tool room. I have a bunch of stuff going!! For me I have the 206Sp in progress, 74 Dino Euro spyder with flares on rotisserie awaiting more metal work, 58 Porsche Speedster just finished metal work, I have a Dino 206GT I’m getting ready for Cavallino and I bought 2 early 70’s long hood Porsches that I want to try RSR tribute cars with some of my own touches. Couldn’t do that with the Dinos. For others I have a Lamborghini Miura P400 at the paint shop and a 246 Dino Gt to bring back to original. Lots of metal work and want original color which was Rosso Dino. Plenty to do!!!! Some more shots of new shop and projects.